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Oh Happy Day!

Hello again. I hope you are all doing well, staying home and keeping your social distancing when you have to go out. The title of this post makes me smile for a couple of reasons. We have a little granddaughter (one of several I may add) Evelyn, Evie for short. She is 2 years old, dark curly hair, big brown eyes and is a very talkative child. She says the darndest things and most of the time you can tell what she is saying but she rattles on and if you catch a word here and there you can get what she is trying to tell you. When she first started to talk and put words together I was talking to her dad on the phone and out of her mouth came the words "oh happy day ganma" and melted my heart and made me laugh at her little voice. So now when I speak to her I ask her if it's a happy day and she'll come back with "happy day". When I see the words in this post, I think and smile of Evie...

We've been busy staycationing, keeping up with office work, orders and of course, making new stamps and cards of course! Which brings me to the title of this post-Oh Happy Day. We have a new release of rubber stamps on the horizon and I can't wait to show them to you, in good time though. Just a few odds and ends to finish up and we'll reveal them to our email customers and on the website.

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