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Yesterday... Part 6

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

Now it looks as though they're here to stay

Oh I believe in yesterday. Whenever I use this stamp I think of the song and start to sing. (Tell me you didn't lol) The Beatles released this in the USA in September 1965. The song is about a breakup, but somehow I think of the happenings of today and somehow it just fits in my little head!

I have had a lot of fun with the 6 cards in the Stampaway Black and White card class that has been shared with you. I'm hoping that you have enjoyed it also...

The last card of series is the Double Box Pop Up Card! So let's begin.

Start out the 6 little circles. I punched out 6- 1" circles for the flower embellishment... Flower you ask, how is that going to make a flower? Follow along for this paper trick! Using a mini mister or small spray bottle with water, give a good squirt on both front and back of each circle (remember that these circles are only paper so don't over spray) Spray one circle at a time and wad them up as if you were making a spitball! (I highly recommend that you don't actually use them as a spitball on anyone at this time, you know with the virus and all but it would be fun) Now put these on the side to dry.

There are 3 pieces of the black and white flourish papers that coordinate with 3 black cardstock pieces. Adhere these together. With the white base card opened, adhere the largest piece to the top of the base (above the first score line). Fold the base card up and attach the other 2 black and white flourish patterned paper in between the score lines (skip the 1/2" strip).

Run your adhesive on the 1/2" strip. Fold up the bottom of the base card on the score line right below the 2nd flourish strip, fold the score line at the 1/2" mark and adhere to the upper base. This now makes the base box card.

Take the second white cardstock strip that has 2 score lines (this is your second box) adhere the dotted patterned paper to the black pieces that coordinate and attach them to the white base. Fold on both score lines. Run the adhesive to the 1/2" strip on the top and the underside of the white card base on the bottom.

Adhere the bottom of the strip to the bottom of the under box, fold the bottom card down, fold the 1/2" strip down and attach this where it lies.

Layer the front sentiment pieces together (sentiment, black cardstock, white cardstock) and attach to the front of the outer box. The ribbon will wrap around the bottom box (it will wrap around the inside opening of the box) and tie. I used Tombow glue and attached the 4 leaves under the knot of the ribbon.

Now, remember your little circles that we didn't use as spitballs? Carefully unfold each one (the should be dry by this point, if they are a little damp it's ok, just don't pull on them) and stack each one on top of each other. Using a small pokey tool (I use a piece of foam and a push pin), poke a hole through the middle of all six of the circles and use the brad to hold them together.

Now shape each one to fill them out or just take a hole of all of them a give a little sqeeze to fill in...

The stamp used for this card is Simply Stampin "Yesterday" #1400103

If you followed along this 6 part series, you can also purchase the kits that go to all of these cards. The kit is on the website under Stampaway Black and White. All 6 cards along with everything to make each one is in the kits. Until next time, Be Safe, Be Well.

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