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it's simply black and white Part 2

Hi everyone!

I'm back with another black and white card from the series of 6.

This one is the Flourish Slider Card and it's pretty quick and easy as you will see.

Stamp the Flourish stamp on both the right bottom corner and left top corner of the white cardstock. Adhere this piece to the front of your black base card.

Using a 1" punch, punch a half circle into both the base of the cardstock and the white stamped flourish piece evenly from both sides.

Measure in from the right side and mark at 1 1/2" and then from the top down to 1 1/4" until both lines meet. Keeping your ruler at the top of the white piece and from the 1 1/4" mark draw your pencil line down to 4".

Using the xacto knife, cut on the pencil line to make your slit. (This is cut through both the white flourish piece and the black base card)

Just a little side note, make sure your ruler is straight for cutting the slit...

If you don't use an xacto, you can cut this on your cutter or, I use my scor board and xacto so that I know that I am in a straight position (your question is, doesn't it cut the marking in the scor board? Nope, been using it that way for a long time!)

Place the plain white cardstock inside your opened card base. Slide the small piece of white cardstock into the bottom part of the slit until the edge meets the edge of the white plain cardstock and there is a small amount on the outside top of the flourish. Add a foam dimensional on this piece.

Adhere double-sided tape to the edge of the small white piece facing you and the edge of the black card base on the edge of the score line and fold.

The Poppy is stamped on a 2" circle. Using, of course my favs, outline the poppies with the Quickie Glue pen and sprinkle on the Glamour


Attach this circular stamped piece to the scalloped die cut. Now you can put this on the dimensional on the front of the card.

Pull the inside white cardstock up and using the Wishing you always sentiment, stamp approximately down 3/4" down. Punch a hole above this stamp and apply ribbon.

Stamps used for this card are from Simply Stampin: Flourish 1902003

Poppy 1901101 Wishing you Always 1902102

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