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I decided to give up cardmaking and papercrafting...

Welcome to my very first blog post!

I’ve said that I’ve given up paper crafting and stamping … April fools (I know I’m a little late for that).

The truth is, I’m not giving up my passion for good. However, I felt the need to give back to our men and women who are still deemed essential workers. Soooo after about 15 years of hibernation, my sewing machine has come out of hiding I’ve joined the many many ladies and gents and are sewing up some masks for those who are deemed essential.

Years ago when I was in high school and I’m talking YEARS, my favorite subject was home economics(see, I told you it was YEARS ago). That’s where I learned the art of sewing… that was my passion at that time of my life and lasted for several years. I sewed all the time especially when my kids were growing up! They grew and life took a different turn and other crafting projects came into play, henceforth, cards and paper and Simply Stampin!

It doesn't take me very long to whip them up so we’ll see how many I can do. Right now with the demand and a lot of people sewing, the dilemma now is to find the needed supply.

Thanks for stopping by with me today. Be safe and healthy!

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