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And yet another one! Black and White Happy Birthday Gift Card Holder Part 3

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Here are the parts and pieces that are included in the kit for the Happy Birthday Gift Cardholder card.

Fold the Black basecard up at the score line. There is a white piece of cardstock that is embossed with a birthday folder. Adhere this to the inside of the card. Fold up on the score line and adhere the striped pattern paper.

Fold the second black piece of cardstock on the score line. Attach the white cardstock "note" piece and adhere it to the top inside of this black piece. Fold the patterned paper gift card holder on four side. Attach your tape along the bottom folded flap and only along side (on the printed side) and fold up. The top flap will be folded in. Attach this gift card holder on the bottom inside of the black piece of cardstock (under the "notes").

With this black piece folded, run your tape runner on the back of the bottom side of this piece and place and place it in the middle of the opened card.

With your patterned paper, attach this piece to the front flap of the folded black cardstock. The oval white cardstock with the stamped "Happy happy happy birthday" to the patterned piece.

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